Taylor Vollman – Meet the CRSD Class of 2016

Taylor VollmanName: Taylor Mae Vollman

Parent/Guardian Names:  Marnie Graham and Doug Vollman

Hometown Community: Kenny Lake

Grades Attended in the CRSD: Kindergarten through 12th Grade

CRSD School Currently Attending:  Kenny Lake School

Favorite Grade Level or Class:  11th Grade

Most Influential Educators: Mrs. Doty has been really helpful to me throughout high school. She has pushed me to get my work done and is always there to talk to if needed. She does so much for all the kids in our school!

Most Enjoyable Aspect of Living in the Copper Valley: The scenery and people. It is a great community to grow up in.

Advice for Younger CRSD Students:  My advice to younger students is to take advantage of all the opportunities you can. There are many different clubs, sports, and school or community organizations that can give you wonderful experiences. Don’t be afraid to join something that you wouldn’t normally.

Plans After Graduation: I am planning to attend UAF and major in Anthropology.

Thank You: I would like to thank my parents, all my teachers, the school staff, and my friends for supporting me throughout my school career.

The Class of 2016 will be graduating in less than one month.   This edition of the Snippets is an invitation to join us in celebrating each individual graduate and their accomplishments.

Please plan to attend one of the graduation ceremonies to honor the Class of 2016:

Kenny Lake School Graduation Ceremony – May 18

Slana School (K, 6th and 8th Grade Promotion) – May 19

Glennallen School Graduation Ceremony – May 20

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2 thoughts on “Taylor Vollman – Meet the CRSD Class of 2016”

  1. So proud of this young woman who is so sweet and kind and too humble to even know how special those traits are! We are very thankful to her loving parents who have given her support and guidance and to an amazing community of teachers, mentors and friends who have helped nurture her. You are awesome, Taylor!

  2. Congratulations, Taylor. We are so proud of everything you have achieved. Your strength of character and humble nature will take you far in life. Follow your heart and live your dreams, but don’t forget to come home once in a while!

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