Samiuela Finau – Meet the CRSD Class of 2016

Finau SamiuelaName:  Samiuela Malanga He-Lotu Finau

Parent/Guardian Names:  Militoni & Toa Finau

Hometown Community:  Glennallen

Grades Attended in the CRSD:  Kindergarten through 12th Grade

CRSD School Currently Attending:  Glennallen School

Favorite Grade Level or Class:  6th Grade

Most Influential Educators:

Mr. Friendshuh  (Kenny Lake) – Mr. Friendshuh has always been a fun teacher to have and he’s really engaged and seeks to help students. He puts students first.

Mr. Popp – Mr. Popp likes to have fun in the shop everyday and is just constantly getting students to work on a project.  He talks about life and always gives advice.

Mrs. Yahr – Mrs. Yahr is my youth group teacher and is always willing to talk to students. She can be strict at times, but it’s part of her charm and I’ll never forget it.

Mr. Shumway – Mr. Shumway is a funny guy that really wants everyone to be engaged. He definitely cares for students and is helpful to all students.

Tim Hand – Working with Tim Hand over the past summers has been absolutely fun. He’s hilarious and likes to see success on anything.

David Krimmel – David Krimmel is just like Tim Hand. He enjoys having fun on the job and has some good stories that are worth listening to.

Mrs. McMahan – She’s been really supportive with the wrestling and is a very kind person to talk with.  She’s been with the school for awhile and has taught each of my siblings. She’s a great person in the community.

Toa Finau – My mom is strict on the job and at home, but it’s okay because it’s her job. She’s fun to talk with and listens, and she’s been super helpful and always tells us to put others before ourselves.

Most Enjoyable Aspect of Living in the Copper Valley:  The community

Advice for Younger CRSD Students:  Enjoy school, even though you might hate it. Have fun.

Plans After Graduation:  I am joining the United States Navy as a Master at Arms

Thank You:  I’m thankful that I live in a community where everyone supports each other. I’d like to just thank the community for their support, not to just me, but also for the entire class of 2016, but for the remaining and future students of Glennallen.

The Class of 2016 will be graduating in less than one month!   This edition of the Snippets is an invitation to join us in celebrating each individual graduate and their accomplishments.

Please plan to attend one of the graduation ceremonies to honor the Class of 2016: 

Kenny Lake School Graduation Ceremony – May 18

Slana School (K, 6th and 8th Grade Promotion) – May 19

Glennallen School Graduation Ceremony – May 20


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