CRSD Snippets – General Update Edition

This is a “General Update” edition of the CRSD Snippets.   Please visit for more district news and information.  

AMP Testing

Though the Commissioner of Education initiated the process for selecting a new statewide assessment, the current test will be given to students in grades 3-10 again this spring.   Principals will be sending home specific scheduling and test administration information in the coming weeks.   If you have any questions about the Alaska Measures of Progress assessment or the testing schedule, please call your school’s Principal or Dr. Kathy Everett, Director of Assessments.


The CRSD budget process is in progress.   Each school is developing enrollment projections.   Revenue projections will be developed based on projected enrollment and funding proposals in Juneau.   A final revenue projection will be depending on a final statewide budget passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Walker.   The ASB at each school will host a public meeting in late April or early May for budget presentation and discussion.

KENNY LAKE ROCKETS (contributed by Amanda Friendshuh)

The Kenny Lake Rocketry Club is currently working on two separate rockets. The first is a collaborative project with Kodiak High School and supported by the Global Earthquake Forecasting System. Kenny Lake has constructed a rocket large enough to carry the sensory payload created by Kodiak students. The purpose of this project is to read earthquake data from the air. The Kenny Lake team has undertaken four test launches. The first two presented technical difficulties as the launch system failed to work. The last two tests were successful. So far the rocket’s record is 1:45 seconds in the air and a height of 1800 feet. Just this last week we modified the parachute from a 20 inch diameter to a 40 inch diameter. This will allow the rocket to spend further time collecting data, but will make it heavier. If all went as planned on Tuesday or Wednesday, the team test launched on Willow Lake with a small group from Kodiak. This was the first test with the actual payload.

The second project is one that the Kenny Lake Rocketry team has been attempting for several years. The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is a competition in which teams all across the United States build rockets that must reach a certain height and land at a specific time. In addition to this, each rocket must successfully carry two eggs without damaging them. The rocket has been tested and works perfectly. The second step for this project is to modify parachute and motor sizes and to test with the eggs. This rocket can be launched until the end of March and the qualifying flight information must be sent in before April.

The Kenny Lake Rocketry Club has had a lot of breakthroughs with rocket design and construction. We hope to someday be able to make our own parts and expand our club. We owe a lot to our teacher Mark Proch and advisor Troy Pierce and we hope they will be able to continue the program after we are all gone. Keep supporting Kenny Lake rocketry and wish us luck with our future launches!

GRADUATION DATESSave The Date written on the road sign

It isn’t too early to start planning to attend one or all of our graduation ceremonies this year.

Kenny Lake – Wednesday, May 18

Slana – Thursday, May 19

Glennallen High School & Upstream Learning – Friday, May 20


The Board of Education adopted calendars for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years at their March 1st regular board meeting. Prior to the meeting, the Board considered comments on draft calendars that were submitted by ASBs and through an online survey.   The approved calendars are available at


Students in the CRSD continue to participate in character education lessons.   February’s focus was on enthusiasm.   Students learned that an apathetic attitude shows our a lack of enthusiasm in our character.   March’s character focus is RESPONSIBILITY.   The next time you interact with a CRSD student, reinforce the importance of character by asking about the current character trait of the month.


March 14-18 – Spring Break

March 13 – Daylight Savings Time

April 1 – Inservice Day

April 18 – Parent/Teacher Conferences


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