Meet the CRSD – Shawn Friendshuh



Each month the CRSD Snippets will highlight one of our dedicated employees.    We will randomly draw a name so that every employee in the district has the opportunity to be recognized for his or her unique and essential role in providing a quality education in our rural environment.    This month, we are pleased to present Shawn Friendshuh.

Name: Shawn Friendshuh


Birthday:  November 3Shawn Friendshuh

Role in the CRSD:  Teacher (HS Math, PE, Small Engines)

Primary Campus:  Kenny Lake

Where are you originally from?  Soldotna, AK

Favorite Book/Author/TV Show:  Any Clint Eastwood Movie

Favorite Music Genre: Nothing really…maybe Christian

Favorite Place in Alaska:  In the Wrangell Park…so remote and peaceful.

Favorite Place Outside of Alaska:  Is there somewhere else to be besides Alaska?

Hobbies: Hunt, fish, snowmachine, hockey, with the family of course!

Favorite Aspect of Teaching:  Getting to know the students personally, since we are all here in the Valley surviving.

One Interesting Thing About You That Might Be Surprising:  I will tolerate watching Lord of the Rings with my awesome wife!

Favorite Beverage:  Mountain Stream Water

Favorite Snack:  Meat

In One Sentence, What Advice Do You Have for Students?  Work ethic surpasses all…work hard, be passionate about anything that interests you!

Mr. Friendshuh started working in the Copper River School District in 1992!   In addition to teaching math, Mr. Friendshuh has coached all levels of hockey for 24 years.   For those involved in hockey, you know that in addition to actual coaching, he has donated hours and hours of preparing the ice, sharpening skates and coordinating travel.     Send Mr. Friendshuh an email, buy him a gift card for a restaurant that serves lots of meat or stop by and talk hunting with him.   And while you are telling hunting and fishing stories (true and exaggerated),  let him how much we appreciate his dedication to the students and families in the CRSD.



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