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Happy New Year! I hope everyone reading this edition of the CRSD Snippets finished 2015 with gratitude and is welcoming 2016 with optimism.   A new year is a fresh start and full of opportunity to plan and set goals.

New Year’s Resolutions often get a bad rap.   That’s probably because so many of us fail to stick with them very long.   It isn’t that resolutions are bad, it is that we often don’t have good resolve.   Back in October, students in the CRSD learned how to apply determination as part of their character. Students learned that part of being a determined person requires goal setting and resolve.   Those lessons can benefit us all as we enter the new year. If you need some inspiration to keep your resolutions, I proudly point you to students in the CRSD. From academics to athletics, our students have clearly demonstrated the ability to set goals and how to achieve them.

Here’s a suggestion as you set goals for 2016. Just before Christmas break, the CRSD Snippets article focused on the benefits of giving a book for Christmas.   I hope a lot of book-giving took place in the Copper Valley.   And by hoping a lot of book-giving took place, I’m hoping you have a stack of books waiting to be read.   The reality is, even if you didn’t get a single book for Christmas, there will always be a lot of books worth reading.   Now is a great time to set some goals for reading some of those worthwhile books you may have received…or wished you had received.

Reading goals can be general or specific.   You can set a goal to read a certain number of books.   Or, if you have specific titles you wish to read, you can make a list of books you will strive to read before the end of 2016.
You can even blend the two by setting goals for reading in areas of particular interest.   For example, you can set a goal to read five books in history and five novels, for a total of ten books read for 2016.

Goal setting can be a family activity.   Pop some popcorn, sit down together and think throuaufgeschlagenes Buch auf Bcherstapelgh some realistic reading goals for 2016.   This will be motivating and fun as you talk about the kinds of books you want to read and how you’ll go about achieving your goals. Together, maybe you’ll decide that you’ll have “reading corner” every evening for thirty minutes. You’ll be surprised how many books you’ll read in a year by setting aside just 30 minutes a day.   You can support each other throughout the year with encouragement, accountability and celebration.   Throw a party when you get half-way to your goal and decide with your family what the reward will be if everyone reaches their goal.   Make it something special!

Along with whatever other resolutions you make this new year, I hope you’ll join me in setting some reading goals for 2016.

Keep me posted. I would enjoy learning about the reading goals you’ve set and sharing mine. Email me, stop by or give me a call.

Happy New Year!

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