Meet the CRSD -Suzy Rhodes

Each month the CRSD Snippets will highlight one of our dedicated employees.   We will randomly draw a name so that every employee in the district has the opportunity to be recognized for his or her unique and essential role in providing a quality education in our rural environment.   This month, we are pleased to present Suzy Rhodes.

Name: Suzy Rhodes


Birthday: March 21st

Role in the CRSD: Instructional Aide

 Primary Campus: Glennallen

Where are you originally from? Glennallen, AK

Favorite Book/Author/TV Show: Childhood book: Witches, Ghosts, and Goblins. Movie: Identity Thief

Favorite Music Genre: Rock ’n Roll

Favorite Place in Alaska: My favorite place is McCarthy. It is waaaaay off the beaten path, very majestic and beautiful.   It is full of interesting history.

Favorite Place Outside of Alaska: California. I have 2 siblings who live there and they have “In ‘n Out” restaurants, which are the best.

Hobbies: Roller Derby, I play on a Glennallen team, The Copper River Rollers, and a Palmer team, the Denali Destroyer Dolls. Both teams are recruiting. I also enjoy four-wheeling and snowmachining, I go every chance I get. Reading, I love my Kindle app on my phone.  

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Kids! You gotta love kids to work here. It’s awesome to see the amount of potential and then get to celebrate each achievement with the kiddos.SRhodes

One Interesting Thing About You That Might Be Surprising: I skate on the Palmer team, Denali Destroyer Dolls and for Copper River Rollers, the Glennallen team both of which are recruiting.

Favorite Beverage: Iced Tea

Favorite Snack: Pickles

In One Sentence, What Advice Do You Have for Students? I am an avid rider. Give me a 4-wheeler or a snowmachine and watch me go!!! I enjoy nothing more than spending a day going fast and seeing more of our beautiful state on one of my machines with my family.  

Mrs. Rhodes started working in the Copper River School District in 2011.   Send Mrs. Rhodes an email, buy her a jar of pickles or take her to a nice tall iced tea to let her know how much we appreciate her serving students and families in the CRSD.   Note of caution, don’t get in front of Suzy while she’s in a roller derby, you can give her the iced tea when the match is over.



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