Snippets – General Updates Edition December 3, 2015

This is a “General Update” edition of the CRSD Snippets.   Please visit for more district news and information.


On November 9, 2015, the Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) publicly released statewide results for the Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP) mandated assessment taken by students in grades 3-10 last spring. CRSD teachers and administrators have also received and initially reviewed CRSD specific data.   DEED will send individual student reports to districts soon.   Once we receive those reports, they will be mailed from school offices directly to parents.   AMP is not comparable to the more familiar Standards-Based Assessments (SBAs) from previous years.   In DEED’s words, “Alaska’s current standards are more demanding than the former standards. As a result, AMP is a more difficult assessment than the state’s former assessment.” The percentage of students statewide meeting the new Language Arts standards was 34.76%.   In math, 31.17% of students statewide met standards.   In their press release, DEED summarized the initial AMP data: “Statewide, results varied from grade to grade. In English Language Arts, the percentage of students who met the standards ranged from approximately 29 percent to 42 percent. In mathematics, the percentage of students who met the standards ranged from approximately 21 percent to 41 percent. The remaining students partially met the standards, to varying degrees.” CRSD results were slightly better than the state percentages.   In Language Arts, 38.06% of CRSD students met the new standards with 36.94% of CRSD students meeting the math standards. Our teachers, administrators and students have been working hard to incorporate the new standards into the daily curriculum.   You can find district and school results at


The United States Senate and United States House of Representatives are nearing consensus on a comprehensive revision of the Elementary Education and Secondary Act, commonly known as the “No Child Left Behind Act.”   Media reports have noted the new law will allow more flexibility for states and reduce some of the regulations that have been particularly costly and difficult for rural Alaskan Schools.   Senator Murkowski has been a key participant in crafting the “Every Child Succeeds Act,” pushing other legislators to understand the unique context of schools in Alaska.   Once a bill is passed and receives President Obama’s signature, the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development will begin writing new state regulations in order to comply with the updated federal law.   You can learn more about the “Every Child Succeeds Act” through a internet search or by visiting


By the time you read this edition of the Snippets, the Board will have held its regular monthly meeting for December.   The agenda included: approval for new hires, approval of revised graduation date for Kenny Lake School, approve required resolutions for hazardous bus routes and impact aid designee.   The meeting will also include a budget revision based on actual enrollment from the October count period used to determine 2015-2016 revenue.   Please visit and click on ‘BoardDocs’ to see the full agenda and related documents.

2015 EVERY KID in a PARK

Thanks to a grant written by Marne Graham, BLM Glennallen Field Office Public Affairs Specialist and W.I.S.E. Executive Director Robin Underwood, all CRSD 4th graders will get to visit the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.   The award notification says, “It is my pleasure to inform you that Glennallen Field Office has been awarded a 2015 Every Kid in A Park Transportation Grant, funds intended to support connecting fourth grade students with our federal lands and waters. You will receive $1900 for your National Park Foundation (NPF) approved project, “Your Big Backyard!.” This grant was made possible through the generous support of DISNEY and Individual and Foundation Donors.”   To say “thank you” and find out more information, you can contact Marnie at or Robin at On behalf of all CRSD 4th graders, THANK YOU Marnie and Robin.


There is much to celebrate this time of year.   I hope you’ll join our students as they show us how to enjoy the Christmas season.   Please note the following dates and times for school Christmas programs:

December 10th – Slana School Christmas Program at 6:00PM

December 11th – Upstream Learning Dinner & the Arts 6:00PM (Contact Upstream Learning Office for more information and to RSVP)

christmas-clip-art-Christmas_tree_decoratedDecember 15th – Kenny Lake Christmas Concert at 5:30PM
December 15th – Glennallen Junior/Senior High School “A Night of Christmas Music” 6:30PM

December 17th – Glennallen Elementary School Christmas Program at 6:30PM


If you have questions or comments regarding information in this edition of the Snippets, please call 822-3234 ext. 223 or email me at

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