Meet the CRSD – Ramona Henspeter

This is a special edition of “Meet the CRSD.”   We are presenting our one and only home education support teacher, Ramona Henspeter, who will be retiring in December.   In addition to the usual interview, we are including tributes from students, co-workers and family members who have benefited from Ramona’s dedication and wisdom.   Please join us in honoring someone who epitomizes the word “teacher.”

Name: Ramona Henspeter


Birthday: March 25th

Role in the CRSD: Supervising Teacher for Home Educators

 Primary Campus: State-wide

Where else have you taught? Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Gore, New Zealand; St. Paul, Minnesota; Kenny Lake School; Kluti-Kaah Head StartRamona photo

Where are you originally from? Moose Lake, Minnesota

Favorite Book/Author/TV Show: Bright Valley of Love by: Edna Hatlestad Hong

Favorite Music Genre: Eclectic

Favorite Place in Alaska: Tangle Lakes because it’s such a beautiful, varied environment, rich with memories from over the past 30+ years.

Favorite Place Outside of Alaska: Australia – we lived there and traveled extensively during our time there. Hardly a day goes by when a memory doesn’t come to mind.

Hobbies: Piano, singing, hiking, time with family

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: I love working with the homeschool parents, sharing what I learned during the 20 years that I was a homeschool parent myself.

One Interesting Thing About You That Might Be Surprising: I lived overseas for the first four years of my married life (Australia and New Zealand).

Favorite Beverage: Root beer floats

Favorite Snack: Fresh Fruit

In One Sentence, What Advice Do You Have for Students? Because you’re a special individual with unique God-given skills, abilities, and personality, strive to do your best with what you have . . . and be kind to those around you.

Mrs. Henspeter first worked in the Copper River School District in 1981. After a break to homeschool her children, she returned in 2009.   Send Ramona an email, buy her a bottle of water root beer float, or drop off a bowl of fresh fruit to let her know how much we appreciate her serving students and families in the CRSD.


“Ramona has been amazingly helpful and supportive to us with our home school journey.” The Hellers

Where could a person begin to possibly say how wonderful Ramona has been to all the homeschool families? Her qualities are so numerous, positive and genuine. She exemplifies all of the character traits that we strive to develop in our own children. She is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging, fair and balanced, open to ideas, patient, understanding, well-organized, thorough, a consummate professional and yet down-to-earth and a good friend to everyone. Ramona has set a high standard of excellence in our homeschool experience and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts! The Rogers

I’ve known Ramona for a short time, but as a first time homeschooling family, we have received so much genuine Ramonaencouragement and support for the path we have chosen. I can only imagine what families who have experienced her support for many, many years may be feeling as she moves on. Thank you, Ramona, for caring and supporting so many who have chosen to educate a bit differently. The Scribners

Ramona is that rare combination of gentleness, wisdom, graciousness, and humor. We have been so very blessed to have her here to help us! The Rancks

It is hard to convey how much our family has appreciated Ramona. She has truly been a gift and a blessing. Ramona is such an encourager and we are grateful for the time she took to invest in and enrich our homeschool experience. Thank you! The Breivogels

While working as the administrative assistant to Upstream Learning I was very grateful to Ramona for how she steered the program towards what it should be, friendly, expansive and innovative for our home school families. Thank you Ramona! Lanette Phillips

Ramona has been an absolute treat to have in our lives. I’m thankful for her knowledge and spirit in homeschooling my Daughter. The Buss Family

Many, many thanks to Ramona for her willingness to do her job in an outstanding way . . . to go above and beyond what was required. The Endres

Ramona has been such a blessing to our family. She goes beyond her job by her helpfulness and genuine care for us. The Korths

Ramona has been such a wonderful support to our family in our journey with home education. Her caring spirit, vast knowledge of learning styles and curriculum and her understanding from having personal experience have been invaluable to us. The Abbotts

It is very hard to say in one or two sentences of much Ramona has meant to as we trudged along the homeschooling road over the last many years. The LeMasters

You have been a joy to work with.   Everyday here at Upstream Learning is an adventure together. We have mostly highs, a bit of chaos, lots of busyness and always fun while working in our corner of the world.   You will be missed.   Mary H2

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