Parent-Teacher Conferences: Snippets – October 15, 2015

Parent-teacher conferences are conducted twice each year in the Copper River School District. Fall conferences are an especially important opportunity to establish baseline performance and set learning goals for the school year.   Even though parent-teacher conferences are not the only time parents should talk with their child’s teacher, it is a pre-scheduled opportunity for a longer visit.

This year’s fall conferences will include initial data for the Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP) statewide exams students took for the first time last Spring. The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development will release the data later this month just before the October 30th conferences.   Teachers will share data for those students who participated in the assessments.

20150930_105500For parents of students in grades 9-12, teachers will provide information on student performance during the first Trek and first two Base-camps.   In addition to the initial positive feedback on the new schedule, it is important for us to receive your input regarding your child’s participation and achievement.

Research has clearly established what common sense has always known – students are best served when their home and school work together. Learning and behavior expectations are more likely to be achieved when parents and teachers communicate frequently.   The benefits flow both ways. Parents and/or guardians should be fully informed of the school’s expectations.   Teachers can better serve students when parents and guardians are partners in the learning process.

The actual conference with teachers should accomplish more than the exchange of pleasantries.   Parents should leave the conference with a better understanding of their child’s progress, needs, and responsibilities.   Teachers should conduct the conference using specific learning data and clear plans for meeting learning objectives.

Teachers in the Copper River School District work hard to answer five essential questions for every student every day.   By taking these five essential questions into your parent-teacher conference, you can gain the most benefit from the visit:

1) What does my child need to know and do?

2) How is my child learning what she/he needs to know and do?

3) How do I know if my child has learned what she/he needs to know and do?

4) What will we do if my child hasn’t learned what she/he needs to know and do?

5) What will we do if my child already knows what she/he needs to know and do?

The above questions can help guide the discussion regarding both academics and socials skills.

Soon you will receive an invitation to parent-teacher conferences for October 30th.   Please respond promptly to the invitation and reschedule if necessary.   Your attendance at parent-teacher conferences can make a huge difference in your child’s success. If you don’t receive an invitation in the mail, please contact the school.

Let’s encourage all of our students by achieving the goal of 100% parent-teacher conference attendance for our students (phone conferences count).   We can send a powerful message to our youth that education is a priority in our homes and community.

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