2015-2016 Principal Assignments

April 20, 2015

Dear Glennallen and Kenny Lake Students, Staff, Parents and Friends,

The reductions in state spending this year and the promised reductions for next year require us to continually reevaluate how we are maximizing our resources and personnel for student achievement. This combined with suggestions and concerns expressed over the past few months has led to my decision to reassign Principal Jack Von Thaer and Principal Shaun Streyle. Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, Mr. Von Thaer will be Principal/Teacher at Kenny Lake School and Mr. Streyle will be Principal of Glennallen School K-12.

Mr. Von Thaer is a certified high school teacher, highly qualified in multiple subjects. As a principal/teacher, he can contribute to the Kenny Lake High School schedule. Mr. Von Thaer can support online/VTC English courses and/or teach an additional period of English. Mr. Von Thaer is a gifted musician and has experience teaching music and developing student performances. Addressing another concern, Mr. Von Thaer will be available to add an additional Trek to the schedule at Kenny Lake School. Each of these skills and qualifications address specific concerns expressed by Kenny Lake parents and community members.

Mr. Streyle’s excellence as an elementary school teacher is well established. His experience will assist Glennallen Elementary with recent and future turnover in staff. Additionally, Mr. Streyle will work with Mr. Lorence and teachers to maintain high expectations for behavior and respect throughout the building. Unifying expectations for all K-12 students will address concerns expressed by students, parents and staff.

In sum, using both principals more efficiently will result in adding a full-time educator back into Kenny Lake School’s schedule while increasing the accessibility of the Glennallen School Principal.

Both Principals have expressed great disappointment with leaving relationships they have cultivated over the past year. Yet both have determined that this change will provide the most benefit for students at both schools. Mr. Von Thaer and Mr. Streyle both requested time to convey this information individually to as many people as possible. Some time has been granted, but this letter is to ensure everyone is made aware of the change. The relationships these men have established in their respective communities will continue to be important. They are eager to establish and enjoy new relationships that will be equally important and valuable.

This change is in response to specific concerns and needs evident at each school as expressed by staff and parents. Mr. Streyle and Mr. Von Thaer are encouraged by the staff, ASB members, CRSD Board Members, teachers and others who have expressed support and enthusiasm for this change. I hope you will take time to express your continued support as they transition and welcome them into their new roles.

We will continue to adapt, respond to your concerns, and confront the challenges thrust upon us with confidence that the Copper Valley is a great place to live and learn.


Michael Johnson

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