Sports Night in the Copper Valley

I wish I had a catchy theme song like NBC does for Sunday night football, but for now, an announcement in the Snippets will have to do. So grab some chips and dip and settle in for some action…Its Sports Night in the Copper Valley (or at least it will be this weekend)!   Many of you have already discovered that we have been streaming some hockey, volleyball and basketball games live on the internet using equipment generously donated by Copper Valley Telecom.   It is a work in progress and we are making steady progress.

For many years, KCAM has broadcast CRSD sporting events on the radio.   In recent years, KCAM has been available online, so family and friends outside the Copper Valley have been able to tune in for basketball and hockey games.   In one memorable state tournament, a former students working on Antarctica (shout out to Philip again) and another former student working at Prudhoe Bay (shout out to Josh Lorence) were listening to a GHS basketball game and interacting on social media.   We can honestly say, CRSD sporting events are followed from the top of the planet to the bottom (though which is the top and which is the bottom is different question).

With the new equipment provided by Copper Valley Telecom, fans can now watch the action in addition to listening to the lively calls from KCAM.   We’re still working on synching the audio with the video, but we’ll get there.

To watch CRSD events online, visit and find the link “Watch CRSD Sports & Activities LIVE STREAMED here!”Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.30.45 PM   This will take you to the CRSD website where you can watch live events (with a slight delay) and recorded past events.   Currently there are several basketball games and a couple of hockey games, including homecoming.   Students from both Kenny Lake and Glennallen Schools are featured in the games.

Please be patient with us as we learn how to use the equipment.   Several folks have been helping out with the broadcasts, including John Berner, Wade Sampson, Joey Virgin and probably others that I don’t know about yet.   Our plan is to expand the number of events that we make available online, including the 2015 graduations ceremonies.   Once we get the hang of things, we can find out if there is any interest in having board meetings and other informational meetings broadcast and recorded online. As you share your ideas for other internet broadcasts, give us time and some forbearance if and when there are glitches.

Copper Valley Telecom makes all of this possible.   Shilah Bulter and other CVTC staff seem to constantly imagine new ways to support the students and families of the Copper River School District.   Their generosity and partnership goes above and beyond the typical business partner.   They don’t wait for us to ask for help, but seem to be constantly thinking of news ways to enhance our mission to provide a quality education in our rural environment.

In a time when we mostly hear about harsh budgets and a declining Alaskan economy, we in the Copper Valley enjoy an abundance of human resources.   As you’re out and about this week, please take time to personally thank Copper Valley Telecom and KCAM for helping us show off our students.   If you are a friend or family member outside of the Copper Valley, you can email Copper Valley Telecom at and KCAM at

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