Meet the CRSD – Kathi Hindman

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.14.42 PMEach month the CRSD Snippets will highlight one of our dedicated employees.   We will randomly draw a name so that every employee in the district has the opportunity to be recognized for his or her unique and essential role in providing a quality education in our rural environment.   This month, we are pleased to present Kathi Hindman.

Name: Kathi Hindman


Birthday: February 23rd

Role in the CRSD: Title I Program Assistant/AIMSweb Coordinator/Emergency Response Coordinator

 Primary Campus: Glennallen

Where else have you taught? Copper Center School

Where are you originally from? Wichita, Kansas

Favorite Book/Author/TV Show: Stephen King Books, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

Favorite Music Genre: John Denver

Favorite Place in Alaska: McCarthy and Chena Hot Springs

Favorite Place Outside of Alaska: Wichita, Kansas and Phoenix, Arizona

Hobbies: Quilting, Crochet and Knitting, EMS, Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Preparedness

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Teaching ETT, CERT, CPR and First Aid

One Interesting Thing About You That Might Be Surprising:   I have served this community since 1991 and 1992 as both an EMT and Firefighter. I have taught two classes of Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT) and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to high school students. Two years ago I worked with a foundation whose goal was to teach every 8th grader in the state of Alaska Compression on CPR in which one student went into the community and taught 103 other people how to do Compression only CPR. At age 50 I returned to college to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Favorite Beverage: Herbal Tea, Hot Chocolate

Favorite Snack: Chocolate

In One Sentence, What Advice Do You Have for Students? Work smarter, not harder.

Kathi Hindman started working in the Copper River School District in 1994.   During that time she has also raised three sons who graduated from Glennallen High School.   Currently Kathi has two grandchildren attending Glennallen Elementary.   Send Kathi an email, buy her some chocolate or take her out to Tolsona Lodge (her favorite restaurant) to let her know how much we appreciate her serving students and families in the CRSD.   Also, Kathi is one of our areas most knowledgeable trainers for emergency preparedness.   You can improve your organization’s capacity to respond adequately to a natural disaster or other emergency by inviting Kathi to share her expertise.

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