Snippets – General Update October 2014

This is a “General Update Edition” of the CRSD Snippets.

Kenny Lake Boiler

For the first time in history (at least since using barrel stoves), we are heating one of our school buildings using bio-mass.   A new wood-pellet boiler system is heating the Kenny Lake School since October 1st.     The Alaska Energy Authority, particularly Jim Vail, has been working on the project for several years.   We are grateful for the opportunity to test the bio-mass supplycrsd logo chain and calculate the actual cost of producing heat using bio-mass over the course of this winter.   We are still working out a few system issues, but look forward to sharing a comparison of the operational data next summer.   If you’re at Kenny Lake School, you can see the system out behind the hockey rinks.

Alert System

We have been quietly working on yet another method for communicating with our students and parents.   Within the next couple of weeks we hope to send a test message via voice and text messages to your phone.   Using the cell phone numbers you have provided to the school, the message will arrive by voice and text message.   If you have not given the school up-to-date contact information, including a cell phone number if applicable, please call or email the school secretary with your contact information.     The most obvious application of the system will be notifications of weather related school closures or delays.   For routine announcements and notifications, we will continue using our website, Facebook, and emails.

Board Action at October 7th Meeting

The Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 7th.   The Board took time during its work session to honor Cheryl Sparks who has served on the board for twenty years.   That’s over 240 board meetings for students in the Copper River Valley!   If you see Mrs. Sparks, please take time to say ‘thanks.’   The board also took the following action during their business meeting: Approved a computer and hardware purchase; Approved the surplus of the Swisher Estate land; Approved the 1st Reading of a Restraint and Seclusion Policy; Approved a revised Upstream Learning Handbook; and Approved a new CRSD Handbook for Coaches. You can read reports and more information about each agenda item by visiting and clicking on the BoardDocs button.

Expanding Opportunities

On October 3rd Governor Parnell announced a new initiative to “get more Alaska students ready for the workforce with specialized skills or crafts.” In a speech before the Alaska Superintendents Association, the Governor explained that many technically skilled jobs will become available over the next ten years.   The press release stated that, “Governor Parnell will introduce legislation next session bringing more vocation training opportunities to Alaska’s schools.”   The Copper River School District is ready and eager to participate in initiatives that will expand vocational education opportunities for our students.   We are building partnerships with other districts to provide project-based learning opportunities in a variety of career related fields.

Please visit for other Copper River School District news and information.

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