Advisory School Boards

One of the best resources for accountability and support in the Copper River School District is a seemingly little-known group of parents that meet regularly at each school.   These groups, unique to each school, invest many hours during the school year to stay up-to-date on policies, budgets and school activities.   Known as the ASB, these Advisory School Boards function under the direction of the CRSD Board of Education.crsd logo

Board Policy 8000 states that:

The Advisory School Board shall seek to learn the will of the people of the community and to represent their interests in actions taken by the Advisory School Board.

The Advisory School Board shall develop an effective working relationship with the school personnel, particularly the principal or designee. The administration and the Advisory School Board are expected to work together cooperatively for the betterment of the local school. This relationship should ideally be modeled on the relationship between the School Board and Superintendent, i.e., the principal shall be the executive officer of the Advisory School Board and administrative head of all parts of the school.

The ASB provides three primary functions: 1) Advise – give input and suggestions on policy and process related issues; 2) Listen – listen to and consider the opinions and input of constituents in the school community; 3) Partner – support and collaborate with the principals, teachers and school staff.   Creative ideas and challenging issues are best resolved at the classroom and school level. The ASB functions as a direct connection between the Board of Education and families. In many instances, ASBs have also provided a suggestion or question that has helped the BOE implement effective policies and solutions.

Each time the ASB meets, public announcements are sent out through the school office.   ASB meetings are open to anyone willing to attend and participate.   Their agendas are timely and pertinent to current events and issues.   You can also contact individual ASB members to share your opinion and provide suggested solutions for various issues and policy questions.   Communicating with local ASB members is also a great way to stay informed.

Below is a list of ASB Members and their email addresses.   You can also find their contact information on the school’s website.

Glennallen School

Janice Maslen –

Jamie Matthews –

Dollie Waters –

Kenny Lake School

Fred Dahl – (via Shaun Streyle)

Marnie Graham –

Robin Underwood –

Slana School

Amanda Abraham –

Tammy Boutte –

Darla Loomis – (via Linda Bates)

Upstream Learning

Becki Buss –

Kari Rogers –

Kelly Shorten –

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