Kindergarten Readiness – Snippets 6-5-14

Even though school has only been out for a week, it is not too early to begin preparing for next year.   In just two and a half months a group of five year olds will begin their formal education.   Whether at home, private or public school, there are important basic skills that will help kindergartners have a strong start to learning. Summer is a great time to practice some of these basic school-ready skills in fun and active ways.

While exploring the Copper Valley outdoors there are many activities that can help prepare students for their first days of schools.   For example, while playing outside, count things in nature with your child.   Count trees, birds, mushrooms, fish or even bugs.   Counting with your child will help them identify numbers for learning math.   While walking on some of our nice local trails, practice talking and listening with your future kindergartner.   This will help prepare them to be attentive in class.   These activities, along with reading, rhyming, singing, and other creative games will pave the way for an enjoyable introduction to school.

EED’s publication, I Am Ready offers a list of characteristics of kindergartners who are “ready” for school.   They include:Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.35.31 AM

  • listen attentively and respond to stories and books
  • write using drawings and some letters/numbers and share what I have written
  • identify and name at least four basic shapes and tell why they are the shape they are
  • identify numbers 0 to 10 and match a set of objects to the correct number
  • sort objects by at least two attributes (color, shape, or size)
  • count objects, group objects, and count groups
  • express my wants and needs, follow directions, simple rules and routines, and control my impulses
  • dress myself and manage my own bathroom needs
  • write my own name using a pencil, marker, or crayon
  • put together ten to twelve-piece puzzles

For more information on kindergarten readiness, the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (EED) has several helpful resources for early learning.   You can find a list of guidelines, suggestions and helpful organizations by visiting their website at

Kindergartners will arrive in August with a wide range of skills, interests and personalities.   Their energy, eagerness, and smiles will make their classrooms some of the most enjoyable places on our school campuses.   Each of the CRSD kindergarten teachers has over twenty years of experience nurturing and guiding our youngest students.   We are all looking forward to meeting and getting to know the class of 2027.

(I Am Ready: Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten Begins in the Home by EED at

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