Re-post of Snippets from April 28 with Extended Review Dates

As I’ve noted here before, the teachers and staff in the Copper River School District focus on answering five essential questions for every student, every day.    Those questions are:


1) What do we want students to know and do?   Answer:  Effective Curriculum

2) How will we teach them what we want them to know and do?  Answer:  Effective Instruction

3) How will we know if they’ve learned what we want them to know and do?  Answer:  Effective Assessment

4) What if they don’t learn it?  Answer:  Effective Interventions

5) What if they already know it?  Answer:  Effective Enrichment


To answer question number one, Alaskan school districts begin with the Alaska English Language Arts and Math Standards, which are very similar to the Common Core Standards and used for the SAT and ACT college entrance exams.  These standards articulate expectations for students in each grade level leading to college and career readiness upon graduation.      Alaskan students in grades 3-10 will be assessed on these standards beginning next school year.

Using the Alaska and Common Core Standards as a basis, teachers in the CRSD select curricular materials that will assist them in teaching the standards and preparing students for next year’s state assessments.    Sample resources from several vendors, including traditional textbook and digital-based resources,  have been requested for teacher, parent, and community review.

Beginning next week through the summer, those sample resources will be available for review at the CRSD district offices between 8:00-4:00PM, Monday through Thursday. In addition, links to online resources will be available via the CRSD website.  Those reviewing the materials will also have the opportunity to submit comments that will be reviewed by the Board of Education’s curriculum committee.

Depending on the feedback as well as teacher and administrator input, the Board may vote to approve one or more curriculum vendors at the June or July Board meeting.  At their April meeting, the Digital Learning Resources Committee recommended to continue using Edgenuity as a curriculum vendor for the 2014-2015 school year.  The Board approved the committee’s recommendation at the regular May Board meeting.   To keep up with state requirements and provide an internationally competitive education well into the future, the CRSD will continue to review, adopt and effectively implement relevant curricular materials.

Teachers draw upon multiple resources to deliver instruction that prepares students to successfully complete classroom assignments and equips them for yearly growth.   Whatever resources are adopted for classroom use, our teachers and staff will spend countless hours tailoring their instruction to meet the needs of each individual student.

If you have any questions regarding the sample curricular materials, please contact Tammy Van Wyhe, Director of Teaching and Learning Support.   You can also find out more by visiting our webpage at

Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in the curriculum review process.


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