Partners in Education

The Copper River School District is particularly fortunate to have active and engaged education partners.   Other non-profits and government organizations in the valley are very generous to CRSD students and staff.   I would list them all, but I’m afraid I would leave one off the list.   It is safe so say, that every organization in the Copper Valley has been a tangible partner for education.   Wow!   That’s something our community can be proud of.   Though there are many, I want to specifically mention three in this edition of Snippets.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 5.24.08 PMKCAM, The Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment (W.I.S.E.) and Glenn Hart at the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park (WRST) are all active co-educators each year as they broadcast, host, and sponsor many events in the CRSD.   This spring, these three organizations are busy again partnering with CRSD teachers and students.

Due to the hard work and detailed coordination spearheaded by Glenn Hart of WRST National Park, a beautiful spot in the wilderness near Meiers Lake became an outdoor classroom for many junior-high students.   Glenn worked for weeks to plan and prepare an educational outdoor experience for students.   The logistics of the trip were considerable and required many hours and money.   Glenn secured funding through a grant and WRST gave Glenn the time and freedom to make all of the arrangements.   Together with brave and dedicated teachers from Glennallen School, Glenn hosted students for an overnight stay in the great outdoors.   The learning that took place will no doubt ignite a spark of learning that will only grow as the students develop their own interest in creation.

Even while junior-high students were enjoying a unique outdoor experience, W.I.S.E. and their cadre of volunteers has been planning for the 2014 Earth Discovery Day.   Planning events for CRSD is not an unusual activity for W.I.S.E. Director Robin Underwood. She never stops planning.   She is always working on the next opportunity W.I.S.E. coordinates for students.   On May 6th, W.I.S.E. will sponsor Earth Discovery Day at the WRST National Park Headquarters.   Students in grades 5-6 will be treated to a variety of learning activities in the great outdoors.

As you can see, within the period of one month, students in the CRSD benefited from rich and hands-on learning experiences sponsored by education partners located right here in our own community.   Without W.I.S.E. and WRST National Park, students would have less opportunities to participate in memorable learning experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.  Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 5.23.53 PM

KCAM radio has partnered with CRSD since the day it signed on the air in 1964.   The histories of KCAM and the CRSD are inseparably braided together for as far back as most can remember.   Even before the CRSD was considered a “district”, KCAM was traveling with sports teams, announcing school closures, and keeping the community and schools connected.   The number of miles traveled and number of hours dedicated to broadcasting CRSD surpasses any comparisons.   On behalf of all the parents, grandparents, friends and community members that have listened to CRSD games and other activities on KCAM, I offer a sincere “thank you” to all those who have worked at our local radio station.

Please join me this week in thanking KCAM, W.I.S.E. and Glenn Hart at WRST National Park.   Let them know how much you appreciate their time, effort and willingness to be education partners with the CRSD.

You can find out more about KCAM, W.I.S.E. And WRST National Park through their websites at, and

And to all our other partners, consider the appreciation expressed here as sincerely extending to you as well.