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An uncomfortable reality of modern society is that educators are often on the front lines of caring for victims of child sexual, physical and mental abuse.   The grief that school employees carry for individual students who have suffered the wounds of abuse is real and often requires its own support.   It is part of the job.  Being an educator means confronting the horrors of child abuse and domestic violence.

Others also share in this grief.   Family members, friends, neighbors and most tragically, other children struggle to respond appropriately to the abused and the abuser.  The desire to both heal the pain and inflict retaliation can be overwhelming.  There are no easy answers to these very complex needs.

Responding to child abuse and domestic violence must be restorative for the victims and consequential for the perpetrator.   Authorities must tread carefully into the home, the most sacred and honored place in a free society.   Yet, authorities, including teachers who are mandated reporters, must not shy away from rescuing those suffering the most damaging types of violence known to man.

One means for a collective response to child abuse and domestic violence is participation in Governor Parnell’s Choose Respect March.    By participating in the Choose Respect March, we collectively and publicly declare  abhorrence to the evil of child abuse and domestic violence.   As a society, we must have zero tolerance for this type of violence by waging a laser-guided war on its criminals and their accomplices by respecting “safe homes and stronger families.”   Alaskans marching together across the state on March 27, 2014 sends a clear signal that the evil of child abuse and domestic violence is our enemy.

Students and staff from the Copper River School District will join many other local citizens in participating in the Choose Respect March on March 27, 2014.   We are proud to stand with Governor Parnell and his consistent efforts to prevent abuse by strengthening families.    Please contact your local school for specific information on the day’s activities.   Also, please join Copper River School District students, staff and many other Alaskans as we build a better future by declaring respect for safe homes and stronger families.

Learn more about the Choose Respect March by visiting

Thank you, Governor Parnell.   The Copper River School District stands with you.

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