2014 Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are conducted twice each year in the Copper River School District.  Thankfully, many parents talk to teachers on a weekly or even daily basis throughout the year as they monitor and support their child’s learning.   Even though parent-teacher conferences are not the only time parents can talk with their child’s teacher, it is a pre-scheduled opportunity for a longer visit to discuss the progress of each individual student.

Students are best served when their home and school work together.  Learning and behavior expectations are more likely to be achieved when parents and teachers communicate frequently.   The benefits flow both ways.  Parents and/or guardians should be fully informed of the school’s expectations.   Teachers can better serve students when parents and guardians are partners in the learning process.

The actual conference with teachers should accomplish more than the exchange of pleasantries.   Parents should leave the conference with a better understanding of their child’s progress, needs, and responsibilities.   Teachers should conduct the conference using specific learning data and clear plans for meeting learning objectives.

Teachers in the Copper River School District work hard to answer five essential questions for every student every day.   By taking these five essential questions into your parent-teacher conference, you can gain the most benefit from the visit:

  • Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.04.08 AM1) What does my child need to know and do?
  • 2) How is my child learning what she/he needs to know and do?
  • 3) How do I know if my child has learned what she/he needs to know and do?
  • 4) What will we do if my child hasn’t learned what she/he needs to know and do?
  • 5) What will we do if my child already knows what she/he needs to know and do?

These questions can help guide the discussion regarding academics and socials skills.   If your child is doing well academically but has problems relating to other students, ask these same questions.

Teachers in the Copper River School District invest a lot of time and energy preparing for parent-teacher conferences because they are committed to the success of every individual student.   Finding the answers to the above essential questions is not always easy.   Even before you arrive at your conference(s), the teachers have invested time and effort in your student’s success.

The answers to the above questions will be most effective for student success when home and school are working together and communicating regularly.   Soon you will receive an invitation to parent-teacher conferences for March 19th or 20th.   Please respond promptly to the invitation and reschedule if necessary.   Your attendance at parent-teacher conferences can make a huge difference in your child’s success.   We greatly value your partnership.   If you don’t receive an invitation, please contact your child’s teacher.

There are many resources available on the internet for supporting parent-teacher conferences.   Here are links to just a few:

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