Connecting with the CRSD

Since the CRR Editor and his parents are taking a well-deserved break for the next couple of weeks, this week’s Snippets will highlight other ways that you can stay informed of CRSD events and news. 

  • Blogs
    • The Current is our school blog.   Here you can find school and community related news and information.   The principals and lead-teachers post on The Current regularly.   You can sort by school using the tags on the right side of the screen.  (
    • Tributaries is our district blog.   This is where we post policy, links to AK news, and other information.   Each week, after the CRR is published, I also re-post that week’s Snippets with links to information referenced in Snippets.   Tributaries is also a place where you can participate in on-line conversations by posting comments.   (Make sure to read the “Blog Guidelines” so that we all remember to mind our online-manners.) (
  • eMail List
    • If you visit our website, you can sign-up for our email list.   Various announcements and information are periodically sent out to those who subscribe.   You can find a link on the left menu, “Join Mailing List” that will guide you to the subscription page.   Subscribing is easy and so is unsubscribing.   (
  • Facebook & Twitter
    • For those who frequent Facebook and/or Twitter, please “like” our CRSD Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed.   Through our steady stream of posts, you can find links to individual blog posts, announcements, and other helpful information.  ( &
  • CRSD We1386984296bsite
    • Our website is a constantly expanding source of information.  We try to keep adding information so that our web-site can be a one-stop shop for forms, information, and announcements.   There are many submenus and links that will give you a lot of information.  (

We’ll meet you back here at the Snippets in two weeks.   There will be plenty of information to report on as the legislative session progresses, we begin our budget process, continue discussing digital learning, and plan for 2014-2015.

We wish the CRR Editor lots of extra time with Mom and Dad the next couple of weeks.

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