28th AK Legislature’s 2nd Session Opens

In case they run out of ideas, the news media in Alaska will have plenty to report on beginning this week.  The Second Session of the 28th Alaska Legislature will convene on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.    Declining revenues, the budget, a natural gas pipeline deal and education will be hot topics throughout the session, which is scheduled to end on April 20, 2014.

Of course the CRSD will be particularly interested in education related bills.   Here are just two examples from among several others:

HB 245  – “An Act repealing the required local contribution to school funding; making conforming changes; and providing for an effective date.”

SB 111 – “An Act repealing the secondary student competency examination [HSGQE] and related requirements; and providing for an effective date.”

We’ll be following the 90 day legislative process closely.  When appropriate, we’ll be submitting public comment on various bills as they make their way through the Alaska House and Senate.   We may also ask for CRSD parents and community members to review proposed legislation and submit their own public comment.   Two CRSD Board Members will be traveling to Juneau in February to personally remind our elected representatives of needs in the Copper River Valley.

If you get a chance, tune into www.alaskalegislature.tv and watch some of the Alaska Legislature’s committee meetings and floor debates with your children.   Use the opportunity to share your own values and opinions while teaching them about the privilege and responsibility of voting in future elections.   Liberty takes effort and our students should see us stewarding our freedom.

Katrina Church-Chmielowski has some nifty civics education resources over at Prince Sound Community College.   You can call her at 822-3673, or email at: kat@pwscc.edu.

For resources specific to the Alaska Legislature and proposed legislation, go visit Emilie Frisbee down at the Glennallen LIO.   Better yet, take your children down for a field trip.  Emilie has contact info for legislators and you can sign up for a newsletter she puts together each week.    I’ve never had a question about what’s going on in Juneau that Emilie hasn’t been able to answer.   She’s an encyclopedia of AK legislative facts and knows who to call when she needs more info.   You and your children will learn a lot on a field trip to the LIO.   She’s very busy during the session, so call before your visit at 822-5588.

As you enjoy the responsibilities of liberty this spring, send me an email and share your thoughts on education related bills this session – mjohnson@crsd.us.

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