Superintendent Snippets

For the past year we have worked hard to upgrade our district’s website.  Much has been accomplished but we have hopes of doing much more as part of our effort to connect our schools, families and community.   

Our blogs have been a work in progress.  Our vision for the blogs has evolved with use.  We have observed that school blogs are appreciated as a source of school news and announcements.  Each school blog is linked to the district’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  “The Current” was originally created to be a place for district-wide news and announcements.   We have struggled to give it its own identity while not overshadowing the individual school blogs.

Our plan going forward is to continue supporting “The Current” as a place for district-wide announcements and news.  Additionally, we will also use it to continue passing along announcements from other community organizations that serve students and youth.

Another need that has become apparent is a blog that facilitates an easily accessible forum for policy news, explanations, and requests for comment.   As we’ve monitored the use and feedback from our school blogs, we have decided to experiment with a separate superintendent’s blog.

“Superintendent Snippets” will primarily focus on policy, education news, highlights and district-wide administrative issues.   I imagine I’ll also periodically share pictures, stories and other observations from my perspective as I travel about the district.  There’s a story to be told every time I visit one our classrooms – especially kindergarten.  We have dedicated teachers and wonderful students, the perfect recipe for a good story.

At times other district-wide staff and board members may blog on this site.   Teachers and support staff may also be asked to share their perspectives on various policy and education news items.   Finding opinions won’t be hard.  Finding people with the time and desire to write and the courage to publish is anot1386984296her story.  

All of the above is accomplished by amateurs.  None of us are social media experts.  All of us have full-time responsibilities.  Some of us take a long time to write.  Our other daily responsibilities don’t become more manageable because we blog.    We do hope that you’ll be better informed, more encouraged to give us feedback, and feel genuinely connected to our school district.

We’ll try to post regularly.  Be patience with us.  There are times when deadlines and quick turn-arounds required by the state and federal government will occupy more time than you think.  We’ll try to get ahead, develop routines and keep interacting with the blog, including your comments.  

Please use the comments section below to offer your own ideas and suggestions for future blog posts. 

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